Registration for the 2nd Half of the season begins October 16th!

The Series



The Ottawa Colts Curling Series (OCCS) is a season long set of bonspiels for teams of curlers with less than 5 years of experience looking to both learn and play semi-competitive events. We give new curlers the opportunity to play a variety of clubs and ice surfaces that they may not otherwise, while also experiencing the exciting curling tradition in the Ottawa region. If you and your team are looking for opportunities to compete in fun bonspiels against other beginner teams these are the events for you!

Team Eligibility

  • All curlers must have less than 5 years of experience at the beginning of the season. The 5th year counts as an eligible year.
  • Events are open, meaning that teams can be made up of all men, all women, or any combination you wish.
  • Team members do not all have to be from the same club.


The Season

  • There will be 6 bonspiels throughout the season. One per month from October through February, plus the finals in March.
  • The top 8 teams at the end of the 5th bonspiel, based on points earned throughout the season, will be invited to participate in the March finals. 
  • Should a team not be able to participate in the finals we will move down the list to the 9th team, and so on.



  • Number of teams and format (bracket or pool) for each spiel may change based on ice availability.
  • Teams will be guaranteed two games.
  • Points will be allocated according to the following breakdown:
Participation 5 pts
Game win 1 pt
A-Side Winner 5 pts
A-Side Runner Up 3 pts
B-Side Winner 2 pts
B-Side Runner Up 1 pt


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