Registration for the 2nd Half of the season begins October 16th!



The Skins format differs from regular curling in that a skin is awarded for each end won, with the value for each end increasing as the game progresses. 

  1. Games will be six ends. 2. A coin flip will determine the hammer and stone color to start each game. 3. In a skins game, teams play to win the end, not to accumulate a total score. To win an end:
  2. o The team that has the hammer must score at least two points. 
  3. The team without the hammer must steal at least one point. If neither team wins the end, the end is blanked and the skin carries over until an end is won.
  4. 4. To keep track of the end winners, hang a score marker (reverse side of the numbers) beside your color as if you scored a skin. The official score will be kept on the provided score card which is to be handed in at the end of each game.
  5. 5. The hammer: If a team wins the end, the other team has hammer for the next end. o If no team wins the end (blank end or team with hammer scores 1), the hammer changes teams for the next end.
  6. If neither team wins the final end, a draw to the button will determine the winner of that end (i.e., Skip’s Rocks).
  7. The five-rock Free Guard Zone rule applies, as do all other standard curling rules.
  8. The top four teams (based on money won in robin games) will advance to the finals. 1st will play 2nd and 3rd will play 4th. Ties in the standings that overlap the 2-3 spot or the 4- 5 spot will be broken by a draw to the button amongst the tied teams. 

Skin Value per End